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Luxury mobile spray tanning

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Group of Diverse Women Standing Together

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Hello Bunny,

Welcome to Spray Tan Bunny...

Miami's Only Luxury Mobile Spray Tanning provider delivering real 'Slay Tan' results in ​the comfort of your Home or Hotel. Our revolutionary approach to Luxury Mobile ​Spray Tanning is only the beginning.

Our exclusive memberships are designed to fulfill the needs of all our Bunnies and it's ​packed with so much value that it's a no brainer not to join our Luxury Tanning Club. ​These prices are insanely low in comparison to all the perks that are included.

So trust and believe me they won't last for long! if you were waiting for a sign, then ​consider this It and take advantage NOW before the spaces are gone. But, why wait ​believe me you won't regret it. You'll wish you'd joined sooner. join the Club or book a ​single session today and try us out! As the Bunny Headmistress, from one Bunny to ​another I can't wait to see you on the Bronze side.



Bunny Headmistress

PS. But, seriously STOP procrastinating and follow us down the Rabbit Hole.

It's time to get you Slayed!

Our 'Bunny Club' Monthly

Memberships Perks

  • Auto Renews Monthly
  • Unused Tans Rollover
  • 1x Emergency Appt*: Extended ​Hours- 2 Hours Before/ After ​Closing
  • Up to 20% Off Services
  • Up to 20% off Products
  • Free Birthday Gift* during your ​Birthday Month (Value $150)
  • Special Rates* on Spray Tan ​Parties (more than 5 people)

Our 'Bunny Club' Monthly ​Membership Options

10% Off Products and Services

Includes Mini Contour and

Sample Bunny Kit Included

Bronze Bunny $145

2x Tan

Gold Bunny $225

4x Tan

VIP Bunny $3000

Unlimited Tans*

Includes an Exclusive Bunny Kit*

20% Off Products and Services

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Our 'Bunny Club' gives members ​premier access to our 'Bunny Vault' ​and provides exclusive opportunities ​to experience the unparalleled ​Tanning Lifestyle!

Spray Tan Bunny

More 'Bunny Club' Montly Options

Up to 10% Off Products and Services

Hoppin Bunny $75

1x Signature Facial

Bare Bunny $85

1x Brazilian Wax

Baddie Bunny $165

1x Spray Tan

1 Brazilian Wax

***Miami's Slayed Bunny*** $375

1x Spray Tan

1x Teeth Whitening

1x Signature Facial

1x Brazilian Wax

15% Off Products and Services

Bunny Vault

Add On: Solution Drops

  • Anti-aging
  • Slimming
  • Toning
  • CBD enhancer
  • Hydration booster

Upgrade Options

  • Teeth Whitening
  • 3D custom-tailored ​contouring
  • Rapid Solution
  • Facial Masks
  • Chemical Peels
  • Vajacials

Our exclusive 'Bunny Vault' offers Classic and Rapid Organic ​Sunless spray tanning solutions as well as several upgrade ​options and specialty solutions enhanced with anti-aging, ​slimming, and toning ingredients.

You can easily customize your treatment sessions to include ​teeth whitening, 3D custom-tailored contouring, in addition to ​adding a hydration or CBD booster to enhance and extend ​the results!

Classic and Classic Organic

A lightweight solution of Organic ingredients ​delivering results within 5-7 hours. Results vary ​depending on the amount of DHA % the body ​absorbs

Rapid/ Rapid Organic

A lightweight solution delivering results within 2 ​Hours- Light, 3 Hours Medium and 4 Medium Dark ​with Results lasting 7-12 days.

'Bunny Vault'

Rapid Specialty Solutions

Dreamy- Clear & Bronzer Free


For a gorgeous tan that you will love totally bronzer free. The ​perfect rapid clear solution with 14% DHA that won't darken age ​spots or sunspots. This solution is moisturizing and contains anti-​aging ingredients. It delivers a long-lasting tan that looks amazing on ​all skin tones just after a 2 to 4-hour rinse, then moisturize as the ​color develops. Fair tones do not leave on overnight.

Silhouette- Snatched: Slim and Fit


Silhouette is the perfect slimming and toning solution that works to ​deliver a gorgeous medium depth tan to smooth out cellulite for that ​special occasion. Toning results last lasting 2-3 days and you can ​continue to enjoy your tan for up to 7- 10 days

Don't Sweat It- Sweat Proof


Don't Sweat It- Is a sweat proof solution made to complement the ​hard work you put into your body, this solution prevents you from ​sweating your tan off. If you hate getting sweat rings or lines from ​your workout this is for you! Perfect for warm weather vacations or ​for anyone that sweats a lot. A rapid rinse solution that must be ​showered off within 2-4 hours for best results.

More Specialty Solutions

Glamour- Strictly for the Runway


Glamour is a violet based rapid rinse solution with a ​drizzle of gold that delivers a deep rich color and is ​packed with anti-aging, slimming, and toning ​ingredients. Great for both mature and youthful skin ​leaving skin smoother and youthful with a radiant ​glow. Not recommended for clients with strong yellow ​undertones.

Socialite- Luxurious Darkness


Socialite is only for those who Dare to exploit ​their rich dark side. It is packed with anti-aging ​and toning ingredients for a long-lasting tan with ​an even more fabulous fade. For those who can ​never be dark enough, this tan is for you with ​15% DHA! Socialite into your next level of ​luxurious darkness. This is not recommended for ​light or medium skin tones.

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Our 'Bunny Club'

Terms and Conditions

All memberships require a 3 month commitment. All services auto ​renew monthly therefore a valid credit card must remain on file. Any ​unused services will be rolled over to the next service month. Upon ​cancellation of membership all services must be redeemed within 2 ​months. A 20% Gratuity rate will be applied to all mobile services. ​Parking and valet fees will be the responsibility of the client if free ​parking is unavailable. Clients must adhere to our Covid19, Flu ​symptom, Cancellation, rescheduling and late fee policies. Note: All ​membership packages are based off Classic Sunless Spray Tan ​Solutions serviced during before 7:00 pm Mon-Thurs. Upgrade ​options are available for Rapid or Any Specialty solution booked ​Nights after 7pm, Weekends Fri-Sun,, and/or Holidays for an ​additional fee for that session only. The Free Birthday gift can be ​redeemed for a Classic Spray Tan or Signature Facial (Value $150) ​during normal operating hours. Clients are eligible for an Emergency ​Appts once every Renewal which extends the normal operation hours ​to two hours before or after scheduled business hours. Must text or ​call (786) 942- 3385 to Redeem Option. Special Rates for Spray Tan ​Parties of more than 5 guest. Hostess is Free! All memberships ​including the VIP Bunny unlimited membership cannot be shared or ​transferred and is only applicable to the said member. Spray Tan ​Bunny reserves the right to make any changes to these policies.

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