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Our exclusive 'Bunny Vault' offers Classic and Rapid Organic ​Sunless spray tanning solutions as well as several upgrade ​options and specialty solutions enhanced with anti-aging, ​slimming, and toning ingredients.

You can easily customize your treatment sessions to include ​teeth whitening, 3D custom-tailored contouring, in addition to ​adding a hydration or CBD booster to enhance and extend ​the results!

Classic & Classic Organic

A lightweight solution of Organic ingredients ​delivering results within 5-7 hours. Results vary ​depending on the amount of DHA % the body ​absorbs

Rapid & Rapid Organic

A lightweight solution delivering results within 2 ​Hours- Light, 3 Hours Medium and 4 Medium Dark ​with Results lasting 7-12 days.

'Bunny Vault'

Rapid Specialty Solutions

Dreamy- Clear & Bronzer Free


For a gorgeous tan that you will love totally bronzer free. The ​perfect rapid clear solution with 14% DHA that won't darken age ​spots or sunspots. This solution is moisturizing and contains anti-​aging ingredients. It delivers a long-lasting tan that looks amazing on ​all skin tones just after a 2 to 4-hour rinse, then moisturize as the ​color develops. Fair tones do not leave on overnight.

Silhouette- Snatched: Slim and ​Fit


Silhouette is the perfect slimming and toning solution that works to ​deliver a gorgeous medium depth tan to smooth out cellulite for that ​special occasion. Toning results last lasting 2-3 days and you can ​continue to enjoy your tan for up to 7- 10 days

Don't Sweat It- Sweat Proof


Don't Sweat It- Is a sweat proof solution made to complement the ​hard work you put into your body, this solution prevents you from ​sweating your tan off. If you hate getting sweat rings or lines from ​your workout this is for you! Perfect for warm weather vacations or ​for anyone that sweats a lot. A rapid rinse solution that must be ​showered off within 2-4 hours for best results.

More Specialty Solutions

Glamour- Strictly for the Runway


Glamour is a violet based rapid rinse solution with a ​drizzle of gold that delivers a deep rich color and is ​packed with anti-aging, slimming, and toning ​ingredients. Great for both mature and youthful skin ​leaving skin smoother and youthful with a radiant ​glow. Not recommended for clients with strong yellow ​undertones.

Socialite- Luxurious Darkness


Socialite is only for those who Dare to exploit ​their rich dark side. It is packed with anti-aging ​and toning ingredients for a long-lasting tan with ​an even more fabulous fade. For those who can ​never be dark enough, this tan is for you with ​15% DHA! Socialite into your next level of ​luxurious darkness. This is not recommended for ​light or medium skin tones.

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Classic or

Classic ​Organic

Rapid or

Rapid ​Organic

Specialty ​Rapid

Dreamy, Socialite, ​Glamour, Silhouette, ​Don’t Sweat It






Includes 3D Contour

& Tan Post Care ​Package


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20% Saving

Valid for One Year

10 Customized Spray Tans

Free Rapid Upgrades

Pre-Tan Amino Acid Booster

Post Tan Finishing Powder

Promotional Value for One Year

We tan on-site, ​arriving at your

Home​ or Hotel to

Delive​r Several​ Solutions for You...​

Our 'Bunny Club' gives members ​premier access to our 'Bunny Vault' ​and provides exclusive opportunities ​to experience the unparalleled ​Tanning Lifestyle!

Spray Tan Bunny

Bronze Glo

Essential Bronzing Collection

Must-Have Products for Pre, During, and Post Tan Care

Fresh body Cleanser

Cleanse, Glow, Repeat - ​Your Sunless Tan's Bestie

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Exfoliating body scrub

Your Path to Silky ​Smooth, Sun-Kissed Skin

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hydrating lotion

Rejuvenate Your Skin, ​Radiate Confidence

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Bunny Club


10% Off Products and Services

Includes Mini Contour and

Sample Bunny Kit Included

Bronze Bunny $185

2x Tan

Gold Bunny $225

4x Tan

VIP Bunny $3K

Unlimited Tans*- Annual ​Includes an Exclusive Bunny Kit*

20% Off Products and Services

Bunny Club

Membership Perks

  • Auto Renews Monthly*
  • Unused Tans Rollover
  • 1x Emergency Appt*: Extended ​Hours- 2 Hours Before/ After ​Closing
  • Up to 20% Off Services
  • Up to 20% off Products
  • Free Birthday Gift* during your ​Birthday Month (Value $150)
  • Special Rates* on Spray Tan ​Parties (more than 5 people)

More 'Bunny Club' Monthly Options

Up to 10% Off Products and Services

Hoppin Bunny $125

1x Signature Facial

Bare Bunny $95

1x Brazilian Wax

Baddie Bunny $165

1x Spray Tan

1x Teeth Whitening

***Miami's Slayed Bunny*** $385

1x Spray Tan

1x Teeth Whitening

1x Signature Facial

1x Brazilian Wax or Vajacial

15% Off Products and Services

Bunny Vault

Add On: Solution Drops

  • Anti-aging
  • Slimming
  • Toning
  • CBD enhancer
  • Hydration booster

Upgrade Options

  • Teeth Whitening
  • 3D custom-tailored ​contouring
  • Rapid Solution
  • Facial Masks
  • Chemical Peels
  • Vajacials
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Our 'Bunny Club'

Terms and Conditions

All memberships require a 3 month commitment. All services auto ​renew monthly therefore a valid credit card must remain on file. Any ​unused services will be rolled over to the next service month. Upon ​cancellation of membership all services must be redeemed within 2 ​months. A 20% Gratuity rate will be applied to all mobile services. ​Parking and valet fees will be the responsibility of the client if free ​parking is unavailable. Clients must adhere to our Covid19, Flu ​symptom, Cancellation, rescheduling and late fee policies. Note: All ​membership packages are based off Classic Sunless Spray Tan ​Solutions serviced before 7:00 pm Mon-Thurs. Upgrade options are ​available for Rapid or Any Specialty solution booked Nights after ​7pm, Weekends Fri-Sun, and/or Holidays for an additional fee for that ​session only. The Free Birthday gift can be redeemed for a Classic ​Spray Tan or Signature Facial (Value $150) during normal operating ​hours. Clients are eligible for an Emergency Appts once every ​Renewal which extends the normal operation hours to two hours ​before or after scheduled business hours. Must text or call (786) 942- ​3385 to Redeem Option. Special Rates for Spray Tan Parties of more ​than 5 guests. Hostess is Free! All memberships including the VIP ​Bunny unlimited membership cannot be shared or transferred and is ​only applicable to the said member. The Appointment Cancellation ​and Late policy will apply as stated. Spray Tan Bunny reserves the ​right to make any changes to these policies.

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